This is Kye Bay

There is no way that you can describe Kye Bay in a few words on a home page. It is so many things to so many people. The history of the community is long and storied. The name of one family who still resides in Kye Bay is first mentioned in 1897! There are several more who still live here, who can trace their roots back to the early to mid nineteen hundreds. Generations have fond memories of having visited Kye Bay on vacations. Some return year after year. Others have a place here that they use in the summer, but today, the greater percentage of houses are occupied year round.

As the website evolves we are looking forward to publishing stories about current news of  the Bay and its history. But to start with this website is intended to be a Community Website for those who live or own property here. A recent community initiative “Neighbours Helping Neighbours” required a means for easy communication in a membership environment and this is now available.

Do you have a story to tell about Kye Bay?
Or do you have pictures of an earlier time of Kye Bay?
Or do you have great pictures of Kye Bay that you would like us to show here?

If yes, don’t be shy, please contact the Kye Bay History Team, or the Web Manager and tell them about it, using the Kye Bay contact form.