New Website for the Kye Bay Community

It’s been a while in coming but here it is. Kye Bay has its own website, complete with public and private areas.

On the surface the site is fairly bare-boned. The initial functionality is for neighbours to be able to communicate with each other in a protected membership area. Eventually the site will grow as “News & Stories” will have more public articles and news published.

There are some dedicated people working on a history of Kye Bay, people who have childhood memories of Kye Bay visits they want to share, and people who have pictures of Kye Bay in earlier years. We’ll make it possible to get these stories and pictures published on the Kye Bay website.

If you have memories or pictures you’d like to share with us, let us know, leave a comment.

1 thought on “New Website for the Kye Bay Community

  1. What a great start!!! It is both pleasing to look at and easy to navigate…quite intuitive.
    It will grow to be a great resource for all of us at Kye Bay.

    Many thanks Marianne!!!
    Joe Z

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