No Fires in Kye Bay

No Fires SignAll who live here see them nearly every night. Fires on the beach, especially at the end of Winslow Road. Massive bonfires, sometimes up to 5 or more of them. As long as the weather is cool and wet, there is not that much concern and most of us won’t report the fires. But inevitably, every year, when the weather gets hot, and the woods dry out, and the parties around those fires get bigger, and the lack of responsible fire safety becomes evident, it’s time to start stopping it.

Fire still smoldering next dayHow can we tell? The day after a big party fire we find

  • beer cans strewn all over the place,
  • glass shards of smashed bottles in the sand and on the paths,
  • evidence of human activity that leaves litter of the ‘unmentionable’ kind strewn about, (trust me, you don’t want to see an itemized list…)
  • some fires are still smouldering,
  • charred pieces of wood thrown into the woods
  • garbage thrown into the bushes

Not nice, not safe for those who want to spend a day at the beach and risk cutting their feet on glass, children or dogs burning their feet… You get the drift.
No Fires Sign

  • Warning signs are strategically placed at each end of Winslow Road and on Kye Bay Road.
  • Police have started patrolling the area
  • Residents are asked to call 911, ask for ‘Fire’, preface the call as a non-emergency, and report the location of the fires on the beach.
    (This according to Gord Schreiner, Fire Chief of Comox.)