Portable Public Toilet at West End of Kye Bay?

Martin Crilly, Chair of the Kye Bay Ratepayers Association, writes:  I propose that we request the Town of Comox to install and maintain a portable washroom, with a screen, at the parking lot at the west end of Windslow Road.  There is already a public washroom at Elks Park, which is owned and very well maintained by the Town.  But this is quite far away for people parking at the west end of Kye Bay. Evidently many people use the woods. Personally I think a portable public toilet, suitably sited and screened, would be a great amenity for Kye Bay.

Please comment and let everyone know whether you support (or not) installation of a portable public toilet at the west end of Kye Bay.

One thought on “Portable Public Toilet at West End of Kye Bay?

  1. I support the idea of a portable public toilet at the west end of Kye Bay. I have some concerns around appearance, noise, and maintenance, but believe that with appropriate consideration, an acceptable solution can be found.

    I am willing to help prepare a site and construct screens and blinds if the residents sufficiently support this idea.

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