Kye Bay British Columbia

After the construction crews had left, and the flag persons had gone home, and the houses got connected, and the water was turned on, and Kye Bay was left forever changed, we had a party. That was ten years ago.

Bruce is ready to flush    Firefighter Dave Boylan cranks open a hydrant    A Comox fire truck sprays a curtain of water over the beach

The Comox Valley Echo wrote an article about it. (PDF document 119KB)

Construction started with a huge hole in the ground:

The very big hole starts it all    The big hole    Starting the trench

Then the trenches were dug for the main sewer line on the beach side for the properties that have the steep bank behind them. What was back yard, became a construction site and then a temporary road. The detour was in effect after the sewer was in and the water line was being installed on the road. The detour was to be used only during the day, but some people figured they wanted to take the scenic route at night as well.

Before    Before    Before

Not very 'beachy'    Digging in the sand, the cage is needed    Construction Site

Detour through the back yards    Detour through the back yards    Detour through the back yards

The above pictures were rescued from the archived Kye Bay website. It was a long road, over 20 years, to get to the point of turning on the Comox water and sewer services, but you hear no complaints about it today.