Kye Bay British Columbia

Dear Kye Bayer,

I am writing to tell you about a special neighbourhood initiative that is underway, and to invite you to be involved. It’s about Emergency Preparedness [EP].

If there’s a big earthquake, tsunami, severe wind- or rain-storm, or area-wide fire, we may be cut off from the rest of the world for quite a long time. Perhaps the biggest threat is ‘The Big One’: we could very well experience a damaging quake sometime in our lifetime. Because Kye Bay is at the end of the line, experts advise that we may be among the last to receive attention from responders. Our experience with long power outages has demonstrated this.

There are both individual and joint steps neighbours can take to be ready before disaster strikes, so that, when it does, we can carry on until things return to normal. If you’d like to help to prepare for a collective (i.e. Kye-Bay wide by Kye Bayers) response, please read on. If you are not so inclined, please be aware that there is now a group of neighbours who, over the last few months, have been advancing their knowledge. They will be prepared, regardless, to help you and your loved ones in an emergency.

There are five teams with different roles, each led by two neighbours (see list, below). These teams will ensure that a plan exists, useful equipment is available, and people are trained to respond appropriately. The plans and data are not fully in place today, but are being developed by the individuals in the teams. All are Kye Bay residents.

Please Expect A Questionnaire

Basic information collected prior to an emergency will be a big help. For instance:

  • where are electricity generators, chainsaws, and communication gear in Kye Bay?
  • are there large propane tanks which could separate from supply lines during an earthquake?
  • how many people should be accounted for in each residence?

A questionnaire will come to you. If you’re willing to help by providing such information, please complete the form as it applies to you and return it as requested.

(Documents generated for this or other initiatives will be made available online for download on demand as well.)

An Invitation to Join a Team

The team leaders will work with anyone who is willing to help them. There is a lot of expertise in the people of Kye Bay. You have some. If you are able to please call one or more of the team leaders and let them know. Perhaps you are not able to help at the moment, but have some expertise or capabilities that might come in handy in an emergency. If so, again contact the appropriate team. If unsure about which team, you could contact any one of the Emergency Coordinators listed below.

If you have made it this far, you are persistent – at the very least – and would be a valued addition to any one of the teams on that basis alone!

Best Wishes

Martin Crilly
Kye Bay Ratepayers Association

Click here: EP Volunteer Network Contacts