Kye Bay British Columbia

Dear Kye Bayer:

Earlier this month, our neighbour Pam Crowe hand-delivered a letter on blue paper to your door in Kye Bay (scan attached). It came on behalf of a volunteer group of Kye Bayers concerned about emergency preparedness. This email is a follow up. Do let me know if you didn’t get Pam’s letter.

Above all emergencies, a big earthquake would be most difficult: expect fires and flooding, building damage, loss of utilities, injuries to people and pets, and no outside help for many days. Geologists say a big “subduction” quake is inevitable in time. I gather there’s a 20% or 30% chance of it in the next 50 years.

There is an unstable underwater cliff just across the strait, north of Powell River. A big quake could make it collapse, creating a tsunami that could flood Kye Bay 18 minutes later. So, after the shaking stops, you should hasten to the top of the bluff, wait 30 minutes for the possible tsunami to pass below, then come back down.

The attachment describes an emergency/first aid kit that you could assemble (or buy locally from St. John Ambulance) in a backpack. You’d grab it before fleeing your home. If you don’t have one, you’ll be depending on the undoubted generosity of your neighbours…..

Pam’s letter came with a colourful sign with HELP on one side and OK on the other, paid for by the Kye Bay Ratepayers’ Association. The authorities say that, after an emergency, we should put these signs in our windows visible from the street: they’ll guide rescuers (possibly being your neighbours) checking our homes.

The Kye Bay Emergency Preparation group continues working. For instance, a community box of emergency supplies will be placed on top of the bluff. There is also a “tabletop” emergency drill planned for the group. We’ll keep you informed by email and on the Kye Bay website. Do step forward if you’d like to be actively involved.

Best wishes,

Martin Crilly
Kye Bay Rate Payers’ Association (KBRA)
290 Longview Road

Kye Bay Emergency Prep Letter March 2015. This letter offers some additional practical information on how you can prepare for an emergency.