Well, the pests seem to have retreted a bit as days and nights are cooler, but the efforts to eliminate a repeat of this year’s plague are continuing. Below is a kind of a timeline and excerpts of ongoing dialogues that we all hope will lead to some effective remedial actions to reduce or even eliminate the miserable intrusion of clouds of mosqitoes into our life.

  • The type of mosquito that is pestering us has been identified, and it’s not pretty:

This from Jill Hatfield P.Ag
Regional Agrologist
BC Minisrty of Agriculture

…our entomologist, Tracy Hueppelsheuser, sent you the email (below)…
From the information below it looks like your area is perfect habitat for this particular pest.

+++ Ae. (Oc) dorsalis and melanimon are very similar species producing up to two generations a year in saline pools and flooded pastures in the interior of the Province. Ae. dorsalis is also found in coastal salt marshes around the Georgia Strait and south to CA. It is known to feed on birds occasionally.

  • Understanding our adversary…
  • If you read more about this type of mosquito you’ll notice that it is around full of life and bite from March until FREEZING. I could have sworn that I saw a few of them  last Winter in Kye Bay
  • Comox Council met on September 3 and had Rosalin Creed’s letter on the agenda. A Video of the Council meeting can eventually be viewed here. (Posting delayed because of vacation.)
  • Testing on the Kye Bay swamp to begin, initiated by Comox.
  • Sieffert’s mosquito samples were mailed to the Abbotsford entomologist on Sept. 8. Sieffert’shad difficulty retaining their workers this summer, because they were being eaten alive by mosquitoes while working in the fields.
  • A dialogue continues with Kathie, the intrepid mosquito sample catcher and initiator of the effort to get some action on this problem.
    Barbara Price writes briefly:
    “At the last council (Regional District) meeting when it came up, the mayor said staff were working on the issue and going to produce a report. I asked that the Central Saanich Integrated Pest Management Report be part of it to see if it’s something we could do here. Al Fraser, Comox Parks, is part of that work. [The Kye Bay swamp] looks like a likely spot. Fisheries need to be part of the picture also”
  • Scary story about the effects of mosquitoes in the New York Times:
    Mosquito-Borne Viruses Hit Japan and the U.S.

If you have a story to illustrate the impact the mosquito plague has had on your life this summer, or any time, please add your comment to this post. Better yet, if your business has been impacted or your and your kids couldn’t play outside, write to the Regional District or Comox Town about it. Let’s keep the momentum going and get a plan in place to combat this pest next year.