Kye Bay British Columbia

The information gathering phase of the Kye Bay Emergency Preparedness Plan is about to begin in earnest. Within the next few days, you should receive an email from the Kye Bay Webmaster. The email contains a link to a survey which is password protected (the password is supplied). If you click the link, and enter the password, you will be led through a simple form which asks you for information that will be useful to responders in an emergency. The intention is to allow responders to quickly know things like: Who is often present at a given residence? Do responders need to be aware of potential propane leaks? Is there any equipment at a given residence that might be useful as part of a group response to an emergency?

The information submitted with this form is strictly for Kye Bay community emergency preparedness & response purposes. Residents should rest assured that the KBRA and team leaders will not be sharing this with any outside groups.

Please complete as much as you can in the form, it’s designed to make this process painless. But if you prefer to print a paper form and deliver it to either Norm Wiens or Martin Crilly, click here.

Thanks for participating. The information will be sent to
Norm Wiens (250) 339-4284, and Martin Crilly (250) 339-2001. If you questions or concerns, please contact either of them.

If you would like to participate with any of the the Neighbourhood Emergency Response teams in Kye Bay, please contact Norm or Martin.