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Potential Geoduck Farm In Waters Off Kye Bay

Thanks to our neighbour Sandy Stewart, in mid-November 2013 the Kye Bay Ratepayers' Association (KBRA) learned that Salish Sea Farms Ltd has applied to government for permits to farm geoducks in the waters off Kye Bay.  Their application is at:...

Community Emergency Preparedness

Dear Kye Bayer, I am writing to tell you about a special neighbourhood initiative that is underway, and to invite you to be involved. It's about Emergency Preparedness [EP]. If there's a big earthquake, tsunami, severe wind- or rain-storm, or area-wide fire, we may be...

Check Your Yard for HOG WEED!

Some of the Kye Bay properties have hog weed growing in their yard. It's just now starting to grow and it'll get very tall and nasty very fast. Below is a video created by Work Safe for North Vancouver, but it applies here too. Please view it and act on the advice....

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